Dan's Performances...

 include feats of strength that capture the attention of any audience, giving the strongman a unique opportunity to deliver a powerful message. The aim is to inspire, educate and entertain.


“Thank you, "Strongman Dan," for the amazing presentation you did for our middle-schoolers at the "Summer Madness" camp held at our church in July. It's not easy to keep this age group interested and engaged, but you did both with ease. The kids were captivated by your feats of strength, and it was great how used these demonstrations to teach them important lessons about being healthy in body, mind, and spirit. The students were thrilled to take home bent nails, burrito-wrapped frying pans, and "celebrity" photos taken with you as mementos from the day. Thanks for your ministry to young people - we hope to have you back again soon!"

Doris Gallagher
Doris Gallagher Administrative Assistant

Kingsville Elementary

“Kingsville Elementary PTA has had the pleasure of seeing a Strongman Demonstration at our annual Move a Thon for the past few years. Not only is it fun for the kids to see metal bent into shapes, there is the added bonus of knowledge. Dan delivers appropriate exercise and nutrition in a way that is conducive to children. Each year parents tell me the little bits of knowledge that their kids picked up from the demo. Any school would benefit from this, I know I am happy that my children have this opportunity."

 Angie Feehly
Angie Feehly PTA President

B2 Krav Maga

“Goosebumps ..... they kept running up and down my spine as I watched Dan. His composure, his focus, his determination, his strength, his technique .... all beautifully honed into an impressive human tool that bent and twisted hardened metal objects as if they were simply stubborn pieces of taffy. Dan’s humble approach in introducing himself and demonstrating his impressive skills made him the highlight of the day’s events. The horseshoe he straightened and re-twisted into a heart shape? It’s sitting on my desk at work .... a daily reminder of what 100% commitment can accomplish.”

Bambi Christman
Bambi Christman Senior Instructor

Southwest Airlines

"I was tasked to put on an Employee Appreciation Event at Southwest Airlines. We wanted our Employees to feel pampered for all of their Hardwork and Dedication. We as a Company decided to provide Massages, Hair Cuts, a Meal, and a Trainer. When I thought of whom to get as a Trainer I decided to contact Dan Cenidoza. While I knew Dan back when we were in High School, I hadn't seen him since he began his Career in Fitness. The event was held at the BWI Airport, and I must say having Dan there was the highlight of the Day! Dan was motivational, knowledgeable, entertaining, and Professional! His Strong Man presentation can only be summed up as Amazing. I strongly recommend Dan for any Speaking Engagement needs that you may have.”

Bianca Bennett
Bianca Bennett Manager
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